dinsdag 29 april 2008


machine: check.
Still needs quite some work, but it`s ready for animation.

maandag 14 april 2008

Finding the moves

Down below are you can see a rough setup for the animation. Sofar I`m trying to figure out only the moves. Camera will be adjusted once I finish the choreography. Also, I made a union-skin like picture of the fall. Because it would be too small to see if I had put it in the vid like that, I actually do prefer the camera position from the side.

vrijdag 11 april 2008


I felt it was time for another update, so here`s a small one. Some time ago, I finished the final rig for animating and started to block in the final thing. Along the way I came to realise this project isn`t exactly as straight-forward as I thought when starting it. Main focus is the movements of the characters. In their movements their motives should become clear. Though they are pretty straight forward, the turning point has proven quite difficult so far. It is a full reversal of motives between the two characters. The other day I had someone check out my project who had absolutely no previous knowledge of it. She suggested to let the dancer just take a long deep dive and having the robot still catch her. As I thought about it, this event would obviously show the dancer and the audience that she`ll be safe, no matter what. So here`s a picture of the deep dive, from my rough (cut up) model. I`ll stick with this solution for now, though at first I had in mind it would be more interesting to have the dancer devieate more and more from what the robot intends untils she has fully taken the lead.