donderdag 29 mei 2008


Finally, a montage version I am satisfied with. The timing needs just a little bit more work before I lock it.
The robot rig just keeps acting up. It still has some flipping, I`ll need to fix that aswell...

woensdag 28 mei 2008


In the meanwhile, my maya files have turned in complete mayhem. As it turned out, my robot rig wasn`t a point it kept flipping over. So, the only solution was to add a Forward Kinematic function including a FK/IK switch...
Some technicalities:
- A regular FK system wasnt possible, due to the fact that the root of the chains was at the base, whereas I needed them to be at the I improvised a Backward Kinematic system routing IK-handles back to the base.
- Then every bend in the arms needed controllers, so I can animate them (those are all the blue circles in the pic below). I accidentally created them to big, but I`m affraid to go back and fix that...since everything is routed in a way now that it seems to work.
- I dont know how I parented everything, but I`ve got stray joints visible. This causes some more clutter in the screen.
- Working with 7 separate camera (the green things, hovering around the character) for my montage in 1 maya file...but good old traditional paper helps keep track of what frames I eventually need to render out from what camera.
- Number of file-versions: rocketing

Ah, well montage is coming along, hopefully online later today or tomorrow. Then I can focus on making things pretty.

zondag 11 mei 2008

Reel may 2008

Something I had still laying around...