zondag 11 november 2007

Short Recap

Basically my graduation year will consist of four parts. The obligatory graduation film and a paper. Besides these, you will find experiments of any kind and some short stories on this blog. These last two, because I want to develop my storytelling skills aswell as my image language but not be dependent upon the results for graduating.

The story for my graduation film is pretty much done, but will still hold a lot of challenges to make it right.
It is a story about a dancer, who finds herself in a rundown theatre. Underneath her is a deep pit. Her feet are only supported by two gigantic robot arms which reach from the depth. Slowly, music starts to play, the robot arms move and the dancer is forced to move aswell. The steps she makes are awkward and she is very afraid she`ll make a mistake. But, slowly, it starts to look as a dance.
Then, she makes a mistake and steps beside the platform. To her surprise, the robot arm has still caught her. The music had stopped, but graduately regains tempo. The dancer has more confidence now, moving more fluidly, taking more risks. She doesn`t even notice the robot anymore. The robot is now following the lead of the dancer, adjusting his arms so they will catch her steps. The dance is finished, curtain closes.

In my previous posts
(here and here) there are some images I made to this story...Perhaps the relationship between the characters and their situation is better explained there.

Continuing in English

I`m sorry for a few, but I think most people who read my blog wont mind. I started this blog in Dutch because I thought only dutch would find, read (and maybe follow) this blog. During the course of the international collaborative project we had (project link is in the common link section, `samenwerkingsproject`) I made some friends who asked me to continue in English... They asked nicely, so how could I resist?